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If you are a large commercial or residential facility, you may be eligible to transfer your electrical service and become a Hetch Hetchy Power customer. 

Common Questions

What is Hetch Hetchy Power?

Hetch Hetchy Power is generated primarily through hydroelectricity: when San Francisco’s Hetch Hetchy Reservoir releases drinking water for the City, the water passes through our hydroelectric turbines and creates electricity, which we transmit to the Bay Area. The Hetch Hetchy Power mix also includes other local, renewable energy from City-owned solar, wind, and biogas facilities. We have been providing power to San Francisco municipal buildings and critical facilities for over 100 years, and this clean power is now available for use in private facilities within San Francisco. With Hetch Hetchy Power, the SFPUC is your energy producer and publicly–owned utility service provider. We recommend using Hetch Hetchy Power for new or existing large facilities; plus, all new projects on City-owned land must apply for Hetch Hetchy Power. As an added benefit, our Power Customer Programs are available to all new and existing Hetch Hetchy customers. How Hetchy Power Works

How will becoming a Hetch Hetchy Power customer be different from the PG&E process?

The SFPUC purchases access to PG&E’s grid to deliver Hetch Hetchy Power to our distribution sites within San Francisco. After we conduct a financial review with your team and have our contracts in place, we will apply for wholesale power delivery through PG&E. After you become an SFPUC customer, all of your electrical utility needs will be handled by us, similar to how your water needs are met by us as well.

What kind of rates can I expect?

Our rates tend to be about 10% lower than PG&Es because we are driven by a mission of decreasing greenhouse-gas emissions in San Francisco, not by expanding profits for shareholders.

What kind of service will I receive?

Our Customer Engagement Team and Engineers will work closely with you to determine feasibility and will provide design assistance and review. Once you and your occupants start using our power, we’ll provide 24/7 care and troubleshooting. We have been supplying electricity in San Francisco for 100 years to many of San Francisco's most critical facilities, including SFO, Muni, SF Unified School District, SF General Hospital and San Francisco’s police and fire stations. You’ll have the reliability benefits of using the same grid as the rest of the city, but without the greenhouse-gas emissions.

How is Hetch Hetchy Power different from Direct Access (DA)?

Hetch Hetchy Power is San Francisco's full-serivce, public power utility. Direct Access (DA) is a retail electric service where customers purchase electricity directly from a provider called an Electric Service Provider (ESP). Hetch Hetchy Power is 100% greenhouse-gas free and meets all clean energy mandates in San Francisco, while the power mix varies among ESPs and may or may not meet local mandates. Exit fees are paid by Hetch Hetchy Power if you become our customer; however, on DA, you are responsible for these costs. Finally, as a public utility, Hetch Hetchy Power provides rate transparency and reinvests profits back into the local community, neither of which are offered by DA.

What other green energy initiatives can my building take advantage of?

We support our customers' efforts to conserve energy and generate power locally. SFPUC offers competitive energy efficiency incentives for new and existing buildings.

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