Hetch Hetchy Power

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)—a department of the City and County of San Francisco that delivers drinking water to 2.7 million people and collects and treats wastewater—owns and operates Hetch Hetchy Power. This power represents some of the cleanest energy available in California.

For over 100 years this system—which utilizes the gravity flow of the City’s water from source to tap—has operated without producing any carbon emissions nor any radioactive byproducts. Hetch Hetchy Power energizes vital San Francisco services as well as a growing number of residential and commercial customers. In all, we provide nearly 20% of San Francisco’s total electricity.

Any municipal facility and many large commercial and residential developments are eligible to be Hetch Hetchy Power customers, providing an independent alternative to PG&E and Direct Access.

Meet Some of Our Customers

  • Digital Realty

  • San Francisco Muni

  • San Francisco International Airport

  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

  • City Hall

  • San Francisco Transbay Terminal

  • The Shipyard businesses and residences at Hunter’s Point

Why Choose Hetch Hetchy Power?


From carbon neutrality to LEED certification, learn how our 100% greenhouse gas-free energy mix can support your sustainability goals.


Not only are our rates cheaper than PG&E’s, we offer numerous customer programs to reduce your overall electricity needs.


As a publicly owned utility, we invest in you and San Francisco. All our revenues support local communities and projects.

“As a San Francisco-based company, clean power provided by the SFPUC allows us to make a difference in the local community and also advance our global commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our data center portfolio.”
— Aaron Binkley, Director of Sustainability Programs at Digital Realty

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